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5 Affirmations for a Successful Business in 2017

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21 de January del 2017 Entrepreneurs
Right now, we are right about at that time of year when motivation starts to fizzle out. We had great intentions when we made our resolutions this year… How are you doing on yours now that three weeks have passed? Successful or no?

Most people barely make it to February 1, if they’re lucky. (As an aside, my aunt’s resolution was to develop a gym habit beginning Feb 1 precisely because she knew the gyms would be less hectic and crowded, but that’s another story.) So, if you’re new to this who entrepreneur thing or just need something to keep you going when your motivation and iron will waver, I’ve got just the thing.

If you have your own business, you probably have goals for it for 2017. If you have been dreaming about starting a business, your New Year’s resolution might have been to actually make that dream a reality. Being a good entrepreneur isn’t easy. It isn’t all remote work from hammocks and sipping piña coladas. To be successful, you have to put in the hard work. Here are some daily affirmations to help you do just that.

5 positive affirmations for entrepreneurs in 2017

  1. “Today, I will take one small step towards my goal.”
You know how they always tell you not to be overly ambitious when you’re trying to, say, overhaul your diet? People who try to do everything at one time 1) get overwhelmed, and 2) don’t end up really doing any of it.

You have a plan laid out for your business growth this year. That’s great! Now break that down into teensy tiny bite-sized pieces. And each day, be content with taking just one small step in your plan.

  1. “Well, that wasn’t so bad now, was it?”
Very, very few things in life end up being as bad as we think they will. Ugh, I have this project to do and it’s going to be soooo complicated. I don’t even know where to start. Ugh, I need to find new clients to pitch, but what if they laugh in my face? I’ll be humiliated.

Don’t let yourself get paralyzed by fear and overwhelm. Once you get started, you’ll see it isn’t that bad. And after it’s finished, you’ll laugh at your former self for blowing it out of proportion like that.

  1. “It’s okay to not be perfect.”
Here’s the thing: perfect doesn’t really exist. What does exist is, “the best I can do according to my clients’ needs”. The point here is, you have to be willing to let your baby into the market. If you wait until you feel that it’s perfect, you’ll be waiting all your life. Once you do, you’ll get valuable feedback on what should be improved, and making those improvements is a much better use of your time than ambling towards some vague and unattainable notion of “perfection”.

  1. “I don’t care what other people think.”
This one little affirmation can help entrepreneurs in so many situations. When you’re starting out, a lot of people will think you’re insane. Let them. If it’s your dream, you can’t let those opinions hold you back.

  1. “I can be the one to go the extra mile.”
Everyone talks about giving 110% or going the extra mile, but almost no one actually does this in practice. You can use this to your benefit even when it seems like everyone else has some sort of edge up over you. They might have more financial resources. But you’re willing to go the extra mile. They might have better connections. But you’re willing to go the extra mile. Your customers will come to appreciate this, and those disadvantages will take care of themselves.

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