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4 Proven Ways to Increase Confidence

27 de November del 2016 Entrepreneurs
When you’re in business for yourself, you can always use a quick confidence boost. Heck, even if you’re traditionally employed, there are plenty of times when extra confidence can come in handy. Maybe you’re pitching a client or investor who could singlehandedly transform your business outlook. Maybe you’re putting the final touches before rolling out a product.

Or maybe you’re an entrepreneur having an existential crisis. Hey, we’ve all been there. In any of these cases, you need a confidence pick-me-up, and you need it fast. So, here are 4 proven ways to give yourself the quick boost you need to feel like you can take on the world.

And when you don’t have that big “thing” looming over you, you can work on strengthening the beliefs that lead to true confidence in yourself.

Be more confident in less than 10 minutes

Burn off your anxiety: Those feelings of nervousness and self-doubt right before an important meeting or presentation most likely have more to do with transient anxiety than a true confidence issue. You can burn right through some of these nerves with a bit of physical exercise. This really works! Your body will burn through much of the stress hormone that’s coursing through your veins. I almost always use this before public speaking. And you don’t have to run a 5k to reap the benefits, either. Usually, I just find a secluded spot near the presentation room and pace back and forth quickly for 5 minutes. It makes a huge difference.

Adopt a power pose: Body language doesn’t just affect how others perceive you. The way you position your body can influence how you feel about yourself! Lots of new scientific research is showing that your own body language changes certain hormone levels in your body, which can lead to you feeling either more or less powerful, depending on the pose. In general, power poses are open and expansive. Think standing straight with your feet hip-width and hands on your hips. Another option that can be good for meetings is standing at the head of the table, leaning on it with your hands spread wide. If you’re having an important phone call where no one can see you, you can even go all out. Lean way back in your chair, put your feet up on the table and clasp your hands behind your head. Relaxed and open postures is key here. Best of all, you can do this before your big event and still feel a change.

Plan for your worries: Not only will having redundancy plans make you feel more confident, it’s just a plain old smart thing to do. Write down all the “what if?” questions that are racing through your head. Now, figure out how you can handle each of those situations, should they arise. Have a backup copy of your presentation on another flash drive and in your email. Heck, have one in PDF format in case PowerPoint crashes. Better to have a static presentation than none at all.

Eat for success: When I’m anxious right before an important event, my stomach is usually churning. Food is the last thing on my mind. Lots of other people will reach for sugary comfort foods for a serotonin boost. Neither of these is idea. For your body and brain to be working at full capacity, you should try to eat a healthy snack before the nerves get too intense. Protein should be a key element in this snack or light meal. Ideas include: nuts and fruit, cheese and whole grain crackers, veggies and hummus dip, a turkey sandwich on whole grain bread, etc. Just avoid anything that you know might cause you discomfort. If beans tend to give you gas, skip the hummus, for example.

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